Opioids for chronic pain

I just read a great article (and comments) about the use of opioids in treating chronic pain. 

 The small dose I use takes the edge off the pain so that I can function. I can take care of my house and my kids and be an active participant in life. I am trying new medications now as I’ve finally been allowed to see a non WC doctor.  

I’ve tried everything from supplements, TENS units, massage, acupressure, ice/heat, CBD oil (not pot), I do my physical therapy exercises and while I have had great success with many of these treatments, I’m still in pain.

 When my pain (normally a 5-6) gets up to a 7or 8 I take a pain pill and It brings the pain back down to my normal of a 5 and I can function.  

This isn’t every day, but on the days where I have to get stuff done and function.  

I have a lot of friends that also have chronic pain and it’s just horrible the way we are treated because of the actions of a few.  

 Click Here for a great article by Chronic Mom that sums this up better than I ever could. 

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