Essential Oils

Essential oils for Sleep

Sleep is so elusive, either you can’t get to sleep or you can’t stay asleep.  There’s one thing I’ve learned in this chronic pain journey – sleep is important.

I have tried pills (prescription and over the counter) and nothing has worked as well as these oils.

My new favorite oil is Rutavala.  You will either love the smell or hate it but this stuff works.  I roll it onto the bottoms of my feet and I can literally feel the relaxation creep up my body.  Within minutes I’m asleep and I wake up rested and ready to start the day.

Another bonus is that my honey is also sleeping better just breathing the oil off of my body.  Win win! Well except for the stinky smell that is.

Here are a few other oils that smell better and can also help support a restful nights sleep.

  • Lavender
  • Peace and calming
  • Cedarwood

Sometimes I rub the cedarwood on my chest to mask the smell of the rutavala.  Lavender is great for kids and even pets (diluted).

What oils do you use to help you sleep?  Let me know in the comments.

-Julie the Nurse

Essential Oils

Essential Oils and Emotions

One thing I’ve learned about chronic pain is that it can make you depressed.  A complete lack of motivation to do anything, you withdraw from others because you feel like a burden.  It’s a vicious cycle because the more depressed you get – the less you do, the more pain you have and then the depression worsens.

One of the tools I used to break this pain-depression cycle was essential oils.  I have always been interested in holistic/alternative medicine and had been using these oils for years before my injury.

Lets start with the basics and then I will explain what I did.


Essential Oils are the “life-blood” of the plant.   Nature’s first “medicine” and just as powerful today as they were in Jesus’ time.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please do not ingest any oils that are not specifically labeled for human consumption.  It could be very dangerous.


OK, so we have 8 basic emotions – now what do we do with them?


In my case I decided to use essential oils to work towards more balanced, healthy emotions.


I really needed to forgive myself, and others who couldn’t handle my injury and pain.  I carried this oil around with me for a while.


This is another oil that I used frequently.  I was isolated, I screened my calls and didn’t respond to messages from my friends.  I was so sad about my situation that I just didn’t want to interact with anyone.   I almost bathed in this oil.


I used this oil while meditating on the purpose for my life.  It used to be helping others as a nurse – once that avenue had been taken away – I was lost.  I needed direction in life, I needed energy, happiness and to reconnect with my friends and family.


Oh, present time!  I still wear this most days as it helps me to release pent up emotions, accept things for what they are and flow with the changes occurring in my life.  When you have a chronic “invisible” illness, there is a huge loss.  For many of us, however, there are no outward signs of the pain we are in.   We suffer in silence.  We stuff the anger down deep inside and it begins to poison us.   This oil helped me reconnect with the present and work through the stages of grief.


This is a very dangerous oil emotionally.  It does what it says.   I was afraid to use it for a while because I had stuffed my emotions so deep I was afraid it might kill me to let them out.  I wasn’t just angry, I was ANGRY at God, at myself, at others who had a part in my pain.  When this oil kicked in it wasn’t pretty.  I angry/ugly cried for a few hours and then went to sleep.  When I woke up – I could feel the difference.  I was at peace.


I use Valor and/or Valor II on a daily basis.  This is the armor I wear to face the world.  It seems to give me to confidence to stand up for myself and my needs.  It is one oil I never go without.


I own both of these books, and have used many of the protocols in them for releasing negative emotions.  This is not a quick fix process and it requires time and dedication to addressing your emotions.  If you are interested in more information on specific techniques – please contact me.  While I did use some specific protocols, many times I would just walk past my oils case, grab whatever oil I “felt” I needed and apply it wherever seemed logical to me.

I am a believer in our own intuitive powers for healing our bodies, and while the use of these oils hasn’t removed my pain, they have played a large part in my increased ability to cope with the pain and the associated emotions.

Thank you for stopping by

-Julie the Nurse

*** these slides are a portion of a larger presentation I have done on essential oils and emotions.  you can get more information and see the video by finding my facebook group (theoilyladies)***