My Story

Have you ever heard the saying “seasons of life?” There is the season of youth, young adulthood, becoming a parent, caring for your parents, with thousands of different seasons inbetween.  I am currently in a season that no one ever expects to encounter.  The season of pain!

Chronic Pain is described as pain that lasts longer than 3 months.  I am on month 14 as of July 2017.
It’s funny how one moment in time can alter the course of your life.  I’ve heard people say that but never quite understood.
On April 14, 2016 one week before my 36th birthday my life was forever changed.  There was nothing unusual about the day, or even the situation I was in.  I’ve been a nurse for 15 years and I am really good in an emergency.  This particular morning I had a patient dying and we emergently transferred him to the ICU.  While moving him onto the new bed (something I’ve done a thousand times before) I felt and heard a pop in my back.
I have spent the past 14 months researching chronic pain, the causes and potential treatments.  I have tried numerous modalities with varying degrees of success.  I would like the opportunity so share this knowledge with you.
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-Julie the Nurse